Ok, I wanna travel to Antarctica

Where Antarctica is located? Continent mostly south of the Antarctic Circle.

How far away is Antarctica from New York? Around 9,000 miles.

Is Antarctica big? Huge! 14,5 million sq miles! 1,5 times bigger than the USA.

What language do they speak in Antarctica? Mostly English.

What money do they have in Antarctica? There are no official currency there.

What is the capital of Antarctica? There is no capital in Antarctica since it’s not a country.

What religion is in Antarctica? Antarctica has no permanent population, only scientists. There is no official religion.

What climate is in Antarctica? Severe low temperatures vary with latitude, elevation, and distance from the ocean; East Antarctica is colder than West Antarctica because of its higher elevation; Antarctic Peninsula has the most moderate climate; higher temperatures occur in January along the coast and average slightly below freezing.

Is it safe in Antarctica?  There is no crime in Antarctica. Only penguins. The greatest threats to travelers to Antarctica are environmental hazards posed by the severe elements and changeable weather. Among the more common threats are frostbite, dehydration, eye damage from reflected glare, overexposure to the sun, and maritime accidents.

Is Antarctica expensive? Trip to Antarctica and the South Pole is the most expensive trip you can get on this planet. It’s average cost may vary from $30K to $60K.

What Antarctica is famous for? ICE!

Should I travel to Antarctica? If you can afford it – go ahead!

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