Ok, I wanna travel to Armenia

Where Armenia is located?  Southwestern Asia, between Turkey (to the west) and Azerbaijan

How far away is Armenia from New York? Around 5,600 miles.

Is Armenia big? Slightly smaller than Maryland.

What language do they speak in Armenia? Armenian and Russian.

Do people in Armenia speak English? Mostly no.

What money do they have in Armenia? Armenian Dram. 1 USD = 476 Drams.

What is the capital of Armenia? Yerevan.

What religion is in Armenia? Armenian Apostolic.

What climate is in Armenia? Highland continental, hot summers, cold winters.

Is it safe in Armenia? Crime against foreigners is rare in Armenia. Break-ins, particularly of vehicles, and theft are the most common crimes.  The overall incidence of violent crime remains lower than in most U.S. cities, however one should still exercise caution. Several U.S. investors have reported involvement in property ownership disputes, and have had to seek legal recourse through long, and often unsuccessful, court proceedings.

Is Armenia expensive? Not really.

What Armenia is famous for? Mountains, wine, meat and hospitality.

Should I travel to Armenia? Yes!


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