Ok, I wanna travel to Aruba

Where Aruba is located? Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela.

How far away is Aruba from New York? Around 2,000 miles.

Is Aruba big? Slightly larger than Washington, DC.

What language do they speak in Aruba? Creole dialect, Spanish, English.

Do people in Aruba speak English? Not all of them, but they do.

What money do they have in Aruba? Aruban florin. 1 USD = 1,80 Florins.

What is the capital of Aruba? Oranjestad.

What religion is in Aruba? Mostly Roman Catholics.

What climate is in Aruba? Tropical marine; little seasonal temperature variation.

Is it safe in Aruba? The crime threat on Aruba is generally considered low to medium, although travelers should always take precautions when in unfamiliar surroundings. There have been incidents of theft from hotel rooms and vehicles. Armed robberies sometimes occur. Valuables left unattended on beaches, in cars and in hotel lobbies are easy targets for theft. Jewelry, phones, cameras, tablets and other electronics are the most commonly stolen items. Be especially observant when visiting isolated areas. U.S. travelers should have a copy of their valid U.S. passport in a secure location in case their passport is stolen.

Is Aruba expensive? Aruba is more expensive that other islands in that region, but the prices are not ridiculous.

What Aruba is famous for? Beaches.

Should I travel to Aruba? Yes!


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