Ok, I wanna travel to Azerbaijan

Where is Azerbaijan located? Southwestern Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, between Iran and Russia, with a small European portion north of the Caucasus range.

How far away is Azerbaijan from New York? Around 5,700 miles.

Is Azerbaijan big? Slightly smaller than Maine.

What climate is in Azerbaijan? Dry, semiarid steppe.

What language do they speak in Azerbaijan? Azeri, Russian.

Do people in Azerbaijan speak English? Mostly no.

What money do they have in Azerbaijan? Manat. 1 USD = 1,60 Manats.

What is the capital of Azerbaijan? Baku.

What religion is in Azerbaijan? Muslims.

Is it safe in Azerbaijan? In light of ongoing global and regional threats against U.S. and foreign interests, U.S. citizens are advised to remain vigilant, particularly in public places frequented by or associated with westerners. In the past, spontaneous demonstrations and riots have happened and some have been suppressed with force. Hostilities continue along the Nagorno-Karabakh Line of Contact separating Azerbaijani and Armenian positions, often resulting in injuries and death.   Consular services are not available to U.S. citizens in Nagorno-Karabakh or the occupied territories surrounding it.  You should avoid travel to these areas. If you are of Armenian ancestry, travel to Azerbaijan presents risks.  Nardaran, located 45 km from Baku on the Absheron Peninsula.  Nardaran has been the site of several volatile anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments protests in the last several years.

Is Azerbaijan expensive? It is relatively cheap. In general you can expect high prices in Baku (European-high) and low prices outside of the capital.

What Azerbaijan is famous for? Fruits, vegetables, cuisine, ancient cities.

Should I travel to Azerbaijan? It’s up to you. In this case it’s better not to go than go.


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