Ok, I wanna travel to Belarus

Where is Belarus located? Eastern Europe, between Poland and Russia.

How far away is Belarus from New York? Around 4,500 miles.

Is Belarus big? Slightly smaller than Kansas.

What climate is in Belarus? Cold winters, cool and moist summers; transitional between continental and maritime.

What language do they speak in Belarus? Russian, Belarusian.

Do people in Belarus speak English? Mostly no.

What money do they have in Belarus? Belarusian ruble. 1 USD = 2 Belarusian Rubles.

What is the capital of Belarus? Minsk.

What religion is in Belarus? Christians (Russian Orthodox and Catholics).

Is it safe in Belarus? Belarus has a moderate rate of street crime. Criminal activity in Minsk is comparable to the level found in other large cities, while in the rural areas it is very limited. Though violent crime against foreigners is rare, criminals have been known to use force if met with resistance from victims. In Minsk, you should be especially alert in metro and bus stations. Street-level organized criminal violence is rare and does not generally affect foreigners. Also Belarus has one of the highest rates of policemen per capita in the world.

Is Belarus expensive? Belarus has one of the lowest salaries in Europe, but its prices are very high even for tourists.

What Belarus is famous for? Clean streets, dishes from potatoes, last dictatorship in Europe.

Should I travel to Belarus? It’s relatively safe and sort of expensive, but for a tourist can be extremely boring. Country represents a frozen chuck of the USSR which had collapsed 25 years ago.


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