Ok, I wanna travel to The Bahamas

Where are the Bahamas located? Chain of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida, northeast of Cuba.

How far away are the Bahamas from New York? Around 1,100 miles.

Are the Bahamas big? Slightly smaller than Connecticut.

What climate is in the Bahamas? Tropical marine; moderated by warm waters of Gulf Stream.

What language do they speak in the Bahamas? English, Creole.

What money do they have in the Bahamas? Bahamian Dollar, which equals to USD.

What is the capital of the Bahamas? Nassau.

What religion is in the Bahamas? Mostly Protestants.

Is it safe in  the Bahamas? The criminal threat level for New Providence Island (includes Nassau and Paradise Island) is rated as critical by the Department of State. Crime in Grand Bahama has increased this past year. Armed robbery and sexual assault are major criminal threats facing U.S. citizens in New Providence. The U.S. Embassy has received multiple reports indicating tourists have been robbed at gunpoint or knifepoint in tourist locations in the downtown areas of Nassau; several of these incidents occurred during daylight hours. The U.S. Embassy has received reports of sexual assaults in tourist areas as well. The Bahamas has one of the highest incidences of sexual assault in the Caribbean, according to 2012 United Nations report.

Are Bahamas expensive? Not really.

What the Bahamas are famous for? Palm trees and beaches.

Should I travel to the Bahamas? Yes, but you should not leave your resort, because it’s really unsafe outside.


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