Ok, I wanna travel to Bolivia

Where is Bolivia located? Central South America, southwest of Brazil.

How far away is Bolivia from New York? Around 4,000 miles.

Is Bolivia big? 3 times bigger than Montana.

What climate is in Bolivia? Varies with altitude; humid and tropical to cold and semiarid.

What language do they speak in Bolivia? Spanish (official) 60.7%, Quechua (official) 21.2%, Aymara (official) 14.6%.

Do people in Bolivia speak English? Mostly no.

What money do they have in Bolivia? Boliviano. 1 USD = 7 Bolivianos.

What is the capital of Bolivia? Sucre.

What religion is in Bolivia? Mostly Roman Catholicism.

Is it safe in Bolivia? The U.S. Department of State currently classifies Bolivia as a medium to high crime threat country. Incidents in which tourists are robbed and forced to withdraw money from ATMs, known as “express kidnappings”, are common in La Paz. Typically, the victim enters a taxi driven by a criminal, and then an additional person or two gets in the vehicle. The victim is then robbed of his/her belongings and/or driven to an ATM where he/she is forced to provide personal identification numbers for debit and credit card withdrawals. The areas where these crimes most frequently occur include Plaza Humbolt (Zona Sur), Plaza Abaroa, Plaza del Estudiante, Plaza Isabel La Católica, and Plaza San Francisco. Avoid becoming a victim of this crime by using only radio taxis and not traveling alone. We recommend that you avoid the Coronilla Hill, a dangerous place for tourists and local citizens alike. The local police, tourist authorities, and press have declared the area off limits and cautioned people to enter the area at their own peril. U.S. citizens have been assaulted in the area.

Is Bolivia expensive? No, it’s cheap. Your plane ticket will be the most expensive part of the trip.

What Bolivia is famous for? City of Potosi, the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, Yungas Road, the Madidi National Park and the partially excavated pre-Incan city of Tiwanaku.

Should I travel to Bolivia? As long as you do care about your own safety – no.

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