Burkina Faso

Ok, I wanna travel to Burkina Faso

Where is Burkina Faso located? Western Africa, north of Ghana.

How far away is Burkina Faso from New York? Around 4,700 miles.

Is Burkina Faso big? Slightly larger than Colorado.

What climate is in Burkina Faso? Tropical; warm, dry winters; hot, wet summers.

What language do they speak in Burkina Faso? French (official), native African languages.

Do people in Burkina Faso speak English? Not really.

What money do they have in Burkina Faso? West African CFA Franc. 1 USD = 586 CFAs.

What is the capital of Burkina Faso? Ouagadougou.

What religion is in Burkina Faso? Muslims and Catholics.

Is it safe in Burkina Faso? Crime in Burkina Faso poses some measure of risk for visitors. Recent incidents of violent crime against visitors have included shooting, armed robbery, sexual assault, and rape. Non-violent crimes directed against visitors have included harassment, theft, burglary, and various confidence scams. Most reported incidents involve purse-snatchers, pickpockets, and street scam artists who target wallets, jewelry, cell phones, and other valuables. Passing thieves on motorbikes or in vehicles have stolen bags from pedestrians. If you must carry a bag, consider holding it in your hand rather than strapped over your shoulder, so you will not be seriously injured if someone grabs it forcefully. Thieves are especially active during international meetings or events which draw large crowds to the capital.

Is Burkina Faso expensive? No. It’s cheap.

What Burkina Faso is famous for? Gold, elephants, art crafts.

Should I travel to Burkina Faso? Although it is one of the poorest countries on earth, it is still kind of safe. Another story – what are you going to do there?

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