Ok, I wanna travel to Chile

Where is Chile located? Southern South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Argentina and Peru.

How far away is Chile from New York? Around 5,200 miles.

Is Chile big? Slightly smaller than twice the size of Montana.

What climate is in Chile? Temperate; desert in north; Mediterranean in central region; cool and damp in south.

What language do they speak in Chile? Spanish.

Do people in Chile speak English? Around 10% of population.

What money do they have in Chile? Chilean Peso. 1 USD = 648 Pesos.

What is the capital of Chile? Santiago.

What religion is in Chile? Mostly Catholicism.

Is it safe in Chile? Most foreigners visit Chile without incident. The security environment is generally safe, and there is comparatively less violent crime experienced in Chile than other Latin American countries. Nevertheless, street crime, telephone scams, and residential break-ins are common,  especially in Santiago,Valparaiso, Antofagasta, and Iquique. As in any large city, be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Be alert for pick-pocketing, purse and camera snatching, and thefts from backpacks and rental cars.

Is Chile expensive? Moderate.

What Chile is famous for? Chile is most famous for Easter Island. Easter Island is located thousands of miles off the mainland. It is known for its moai, which are large stone statues of heads.

Should I travel to Chile? Yes!

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