Ok, I wanna travel to Croatia

Where is Croatia located? Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

How far away is Croatia from New York? Around 4,200 miles.

Is Croatia big? Slightly smaller than West Virginia.

What climate is in Croatia? Mediterranean and continental; continental climate predominant with hot summers and cold winters; mild winters, dry summers along coast.

What language do they speak in Croatia? Croatian.

Do people in Croatia speak English? Mostly no.

What money do they have in Croatia? Croatian Kuna. 1 USD = 6,61 Kunas.

What is the capital of Croatia? Zagreb.

What religion is in Croatia? Roman Catholics.

Is it safe in Croatia? While violent crime is rare, there have been isolated attacks targeting specific persons or property, which may have been racially motivated or prompted by lingering ethnic tensions from Croatia’s war for independence. Foreigners do not appear to be singled out by criminals. We advise you to safeguard your belongings in public areas, especially in bus or railroad stations, airports, and gas stations, and on public transportation. As in many countries, outward displays of wealth may increase your chances of being targeted by thieves.

Is Croatia expensive? Comparing to other European countries – no.

What Croatia is famous for? It has almost every type of geography imaginable, including coastlines, mountains, plains, highlands and islands. Croatia is known mostly for its stunning Adriatic coast.

Should I travel to Croatia? Yes!

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