Ok, I wanna travel to Curacao

Where is Curacao located? Caribbean, an island in the Caribbean Sea, 30 nm off the coast of Venezuela.

How far away is Curacao from New York? Around 2,000 miles.

Is Curacao big? Very small. Twice the size of Washington, DC

What climate is in Curacao? Tropical marine climate, ameliorated by northeast trade winds, results in mild temperatures; semiarid with average rainfall of 60 cm/year.

What language do they speak in Curacao? Papiamento (official) (a creole language that is a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, and, to a lesser extent, French.

What money do they have in Curacao? Netherlands Antillean guilder. 1 USD = 1,79 NAG.

What is the capital of Curacao? Willemstad.

What religion is in Curacao? Mostly Roman Catholics.

Is it safe in Curacao? The crime threat on Curaçao is generally considered medium, and travelers should always take normal precautions when in unfamiliar surroundings. While violent crime against tourists is not common, thefts and assaults are reported more often in some isolated areas.  Please take care when visiting isolated areas (i.e. nature areas, small parking areas used by divers, etc.), where some tourists have reported day-time assaults and robberies.

Is Curacao expensive? Prices there are close to US.

What Curacao is famous for? Beaches and ocean!

Should I travel to Curacao? Yes!

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