Ok, I wanna travel to Djibouti

Where is Djibouti located? Eastern Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, between Eritrea and Somalia.

How far away is Djibouti from New York? Around 7,000 miles.

Is Djibouti big? Size of New Jersey.

What climate is in Djibouti? Desert; torrid, dry.

What language do they speak in Djibouti? French (official), Arabic (official), Somali, Afar.

Do people in Djibouti speak English? Mostly no.

What money do they have in Djibouti? Djiboutian franc. 1 USD = 177 Francs.

What is the capital of Djibouti? Djibouti City.

What religion is in Djibouti? Islam. 95% are Muslims.

Is it safe in Djibouti? Accurate Djiboutian crime statistics are not available, but the majority of crimes are petty theft and crimes of opportunity.  Violent crimes against foreigners are rare in Djibouti.  However, foreigners are frequent victims of snatch-and-grab robberies and price gouging by unscrupulous taxi drivers. Also, close location to Somalia makes this country not really safe for tourism.

Is Djibouti expensive? Some articles say Djibouti City is the most expensive Arab city in the world (even more expensive than Dubai and Beirut).

What Djibouti is famous forOver 90% of the land in Djibouti is desert. On Mt. Goda, near Tadjoura, there are rare giant juniper trees, acacias, and wild olive trees. However, most of the vegetation is typical of the desert and semidesert, consisting of thorn scrubs and palm trees. In its animal reserves, Djibouti has antelopes, gazelles, hyenas, and jackals.

Should I travel to Djibouti? If you think desert could be fun…

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